Millennium Logistic Park

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About the company

Millennium Logistic Park is a leading name in the growing warehouse industry of Bhiwandi.

Millennium Logistic Park started with the objective of providing excellent residential and commercial customized construction solutions to the ever-growing consumers in the city. The farsighted vision with which we have nurtured the company has made us one of the prominent players in the construction market. His creativity in execution, his down-to-earth nature, client-oriented approach in every activity, and utmost professionalism further add to the company in the eyes of the discerning customers.

Millennium Logistic Park firmly believes that this is an era of customer delight and not mere customer satisfaction. This belief has always spurred us to that extra mile. Our consortium of satisfied customers readily vouches for the care and after-sale services which we happily provide. 

The company strongly believes in customer feedback and leaves no stone unturned to iron out creases, if any. In fact, our unblemished track record of minimum customer complaints stands ample testimony to the above statement.

A professional approach and adherence to commitment have ensured punctuality. Enterprise applications now ensure that all departments now work in tandem towards the objective of providing Customer Delight. Since its inception in 2019, Millennium Logistic Park has been involved in creating some remarkable spaces in and around Bhiwandi. These projects are now benchmarks of quality and have become landmarks over time. They have also established Millennium Logistic Park as a provider of Quality spaces that have served the purposes of residence and commerce.